Discover the MilliBox Features

MilliBox Maxi

Guarantee smooth digital usage : courses creation, students monitoring and tablets configuration with or without Internet access.

  • Manage tablets with the built-in MDM, MAM & MCM

  • Build and diffuse your own digital contents locally

  • Manage students and tablets screen activity in class

  • Work offline or connected through ethernet, 3G or 4G

  • Do even more with extra modules : Proxy, Moodle...

MilliBox Pocket

Take your Digital Classroom in your pocket and diffuse your e-courses from anywhere, including without Internet access.

  • Synchronize your courses for a local usage

  • Diffuse your own digital contents

  • Accept computers, tablets and smartphones

  • Work in offline mode or connected through ethernet.

  • Remain mobile : lightweight and built-in battery

MilliBox Publisher

Content publishers : order your customized MilliBox to diffuse your digital productions locally in a completely secured way.

  • Build your own local digital contents library

  • Manage subscriptions and updates through the Internet

  • Relevez les statistiques d'usage de la box à distance

  • Secure your contents: User access control & encryption

  • Provide an autonomous tool with offline capacities

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